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Droplet makes digital transformation easy with robust forms, streamlined workflows, and data-driven insights
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True digital transformation is worth striving for

Digital forms and smart automation rules connect teams and departments like never before. Shared to-do lists and ping-ponged emails are replaced by hands-free automation. Validated data is always clean and automatically delivered to important systems. No more manual data entry or user errors.

Why Droplet

Operational efficiency in a fully remote world


Droplet brings together everything you need to manage the data and requests that power your organization. Everything you need to power processes for human resources, finance, information technology and everything in between.

Efficiency Means More Time

Operational inefficiencies prevent you from focusing on high impact strategic work. Integrating your work from start to finish frees you up to focus on what you do best.

Collaboration Is Key

One central location for requesting, tracking, and learning from data means less context switching and more collaboration. Keep everyone in the loop without all of the calls and emails.

Remote First

Many organizations are going remote for the very first time. Digital transformation connects teams and departments, no matter where you're working.

Digital Forms

Collect data and track requests

Transform paper forms, ad hoc requests and emailed spreadsheets into beautiful, digital forms. Keep the layout but enhance the functionality with SSO authorization, computed fields, display logic, and permission-based sections. Collect data like it's the twenty-first century.

Smart Workflow

Automatically route to the right people

Creating requests and collecting data is just the first step. Modern organizations need smarter tools to automate the mundane work of dropping off papers and forwarding emails. Define the workflow once and have it running on autopilot forever. Never has getting the right data to the right people been easier.

Data-driven Insights

Make the right decisions, no guessing required

Make decisions by drilling into data that used to be trapped on paper or in email attachments. Create customizable dashboards by automatically pulling insights from different workflows. Want to know which department is requesting the most time off this quarter? Easy. Want to discover inefficiencies in current processes? Done.

Enterprise Ready Platform

Everything you need for secure, full-scale rollout to your entire organization. Rest easy knowing we have you covered with full SSO support, granular user permissions, full audit logs, and data encryption in transit and at rest.

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