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Embracing Your Digital Transformation Journey

The journey of digital transformation can seem like a complex and challenging process. It involves a significant shift in the way a district operates, and often requires changes to processes, systems, and getting stakeholder buy-in. In our webinar, Accelerate Your District's Transition to Paperless, we sat down with William Arguello, Human Resources Coordinator at Compton Unified School District (CUSD), and April Janeway, Executive Director of Student Data Management Systems at Lancaster Independent School District, to hear how they embraced the digital transformation journey to seamlessly digitize their districts’  forms and workflow automation with ease. 

Streamlining Onboarding

The first step in the journey for William and CUSD was to identify areas within the department that could benefit from a digital transformation and make them a priority. “Our goal was to make the onboarding process more efficient, but to do that and remove all the paperwork involved, we knew we had to start with digitizing all of our personnel forms before we could begin our onboarding automation,” said William. By making digitizing CUSD’s personnel forms a priority, it saved CUSD the need to print, copy, and file paper documents, and reduced the amount of time and labor required to manage information. 

Strategic Roadmap for Streamlining Processes

The next step in the journey was to outline a roadmap for automating CUSD’s onboarding workflow with Droplet. This included establishing a timeline for implementing the workflow, as well as a strategy for how CUSD will improve processes, increase efficiency, and enhance the onboarding experience. “As a team, we started to look at our onboarding process and ways that we could integrate technology to make the process more efficient,” said William. “We wanted an onboarding experience that was user friendly not only on the administrative side but also to the end user”. By automating the onboarding workflow, CUSD reduced the amount of time and effort required to onboard new employees, freeing up their staff to focus on more value-added tasks. “By automating our onboarding workflow we are now able to onboard 100 employees a week that we could never do before,” said William. Additionally, automating the onboarding process with Droplet helped ensure that new employees received consistent and comprehensive training, setting them up for success in their new roles. It was also important to get buy-in from key stakeholders; In William’s case, this was his team. By implementing a user friendly system it was easy for his team to buy-in and see all the benefits and amount of time they saved by automating their once very manual onboarding process. 

The digital transformation journey doesn't have to be complex or complicated. Like CUSD, and many districts we work with, by embracing the journey and partnering with Droplet they were able to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and better their overall experiences.