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Streamlining Processes in Chicopee Public Schools

In today's fast-paced world, organizations are constantly seeking ways to optimize their processes and improve efficiency. Chicopee Public Schools faced similar challenges before implementing Droplet. In our recent customer success webinar, Nick Duell, Director of Instructional Technology at Chicopee, shared the specific challenges they encountered and how they overcame them.

Simplifying Administrative Processes

Chicopee had numerous forms that required information gathering and approvals. Teachers needed approval to attend professional development events or conferences, principals had to fill vacant positions, and families expressed interest in enrolling their children in preschool. These processes were previously handled using a mix of paper forms and PDFs, resulting in errors, missed information, and delays.

"Sometimes people would miss certain fields that were critical to the approval process” said Nick “We had to send the form back to them or it would end up in the wrong hands, causing a lot of confusion."

Droplet played a significant role in streamlining Chicopee's processes. The district recognized the importance of not just cleaning up the forms but also optimizing the workflow process.

"Droplet helped us consider the process behind each form, ensuring the right people were involved in approving it in the right order. It eliminated the scramble of multiple paper or electronic copies floating around."

Transforms Professional Development Requests

One example of the transformation is Chicopee's Professional Development (PD) request form. The original form was cluttered, requiring manual calculations and containing fields that only applied in specific cases. With Droplet, the form was modernized, updated, and made mobile-friendly. Teachers were delighted to see the improvement, as processes that were previously tedious now became seamless and efficient. Previously, employees had no idea where their forms stood in the approval process, leading to frustration and numerous inquiries. With Droplet, users can track the progress of their forms, reducing phone calls and emails.

"Our teachers can now see exactly where the form is in the approval process and receive notifications when it's complete. It has improved transparency and eliminated unnecessary follow-ups."

Chicopee's journey with Droplet demonstrates the transformative power of digital forms and workflow automation. By implementing Droplet, the district simplified their processes, eliminated errors, and improved transparency. Through collaborative efforts and a focus on optimizing workflows, Chicopee successfully transformed their forms to align with their ideal processes. This endeavor has not only saved time and resources but has also contributed to hiring highly qualified candidates for vacant positions.