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Time Sheet Collection

21st Century Time Tracking

Automated timesheets ensure a more accurate and consistent timekeeping process. Replace paper/PDF timesheets with powerful digital forms that can be accessed on any device.

Validated Data

Automatically populate forms with pay scales and budget codes from external systems. Add required fields and verifications to insure the information is right the first time it's submitted.

Dynamic Routing 

Streamline accurate data collection and automate conditional approval routing with detailed business logic. It's now easier than ever to get the right information to the right people for timely payroll processing.

Auto Calculations

Reduce the back and forth between submitters and the finance team by automating the calculation of hours and totals. Add any math equation to reduce human error.

Time Tracking Made Easy

Employees can now easily record, edit, and keep track of their time sheets. Meanwhile, managers have the convenience of approving timesheets with just a single click.